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Oxyology: the study of oxygen

I’ve been studying oxygen for over 30 years and recently wondered what that study is called. Wikipedia offers an extensive list of –ology words. There you can find hundreds upon hundreds of them, from the study of cactus prickles to the study of angels to the study of every human and social condition imaginable.

Except for one — the study of oxygen. During my research journey, I’m always surprised at how little evidence I see of other oxygen research. Modern medicine, I believe, recognizes oxygen as a most critical part of life, but as a whole, they don’t seem too concerned about how it actually works in the body.

Today, if you google OXYOLOGY, you won’t find much – give me a few weeks and I’ll be posting on my new domain name, OXYOLOGY.COM! Welcome to the future!


A total of 19,114 persons with a median age of 74 years were enrolled in a study, reported in the September 16, 2018 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

9525 were randomly assigned to receive aspirin and 9589 to receive placebo. The rate of major hemorrhage was higher in the aspirin group than in the placebo group. The study concluded that aspirin use in healthy elderly persons did not prolong disability-free survival over a period of 5 years.

The take away? Daily use of low-dosage aspirin is thought to improve blood flow. Serious pharma drugs do the same thing: Warfarin, Eliquis, Pradaxa, Savaysa, Xarelto.. (Hey, isn’t Savaysa the word for “beer” in Spanish??)

Healthy blood flow is essential to health – blood delivers oxygen and nutrients, while removing waste from tissue. Being hydrated helps blood flow, certainly. But minor studies also indicate that drinking water that is rich in oxygen also helps avoid agglutination – or sticky blood cells. Ditch the aspirin and drink the best drink you can drink today – oxygen infused water! OLÉ !

Simple Yet Complicated

Oxygen Orchard’s premier product, for now at least, is The Big Pitcher. Born when it was discovered that the well water used by the inventors had zero dissolved oxygen, it has become iconic in health circles.

The Big Pitcher pushes the air we breathe, which is about 21% oxygen through the water column in the Pitcher. As the bubbles rise, they release O2 into the water and the oxygen becomes part of the water itself.

If you Google ‘gases dissolving into liquids’, you’ll find plenty of references to laws of physics that govern this phenomenon. Lee and Teri Mathis decided to use the science for improving oxygen balance in the body.

They were their own guinea pigs, drinking the water for a couple of years before they exploded onto the health product scene in 2003! They began to notice more energy and fewer colds. They noticed that their pets were experiencing healthier , longer lives. They noticed that they drank far more water than ever before and that the water tasted really refreshing.

This simple, safe way to get more oxygen is changing peoples’ lives in very complicated ways. Let it change yours.


Why Calories Count, written by Marion Nestle and Malden Nesheim, is one you should have on your bookshelf. Whether you are concerned about your own health or the global epidemic of obesity, this sciency book is a meaty one to own and to read.

It’s also the ONLY one of the 81 books I reviewed at our local library recently that mentioned things like ‘oxygen consumption’, ‘oxidation’ and ‘oxygen uptake experiment’ in the index.

Remember this metabolism FACT of life: Food + Oxygen= Energy. The world is obsessed with the Food part of the equation but not so much the Oxygen component. Understanding the relationship of the food you eat and oxygen consumption is vital.

Of course the Food we speak of covers way more than just food – drinks, vitamin supplements, medications, even pollutants in the air you breathe and stress related hormones – ALL organics must be metabolized and excreted.

All that metabolizin’ going on often requires more oxygen than is naturally available to an average person. So, supplemental oxygen appears to be key in weight control – and more.



The Abject Failure of Diet Books

I recently visited our local library to review indices of diet books. I was looking for the word “oxygen” in each index.

During my years of oxygen research, the concept I see again and again is “FOOD + OXYGEN = ENERGY”.

What this means is that the FOOD we ingest is converted into fuel for our cells. If there is too much fuel, we gain weight. So, how can we be sure to utilize more fuel to achieve more energy and NOT have that excess fuel be stored as fat?

Look at the equation again – notice OXYGEN is as important as FOOD. Doesn’t it make sense that if you introduce more oxygen to your cells, then more fuel will be burned for more energy?

I only had time to review 81 diet books, and only ONE mentioned the word “oxygen”. I’ll review that book in another blog – it is an EXCELLENT resource for dieters or just those who wish to eat healthy. If you know WHY you should make certain choices, losing or maintaining weight will be much easier and WAY more successful!

The Big Pitcher abides!

Oxygen and Heat-Related Illness

Heat-related illness and deaths remain a hot-weather tragedy. The newly-named organization, Oxygen Research Institute (ORI), will begin a data mining task that might prove helpful.

First responders and EMTs are often the initial contact with those suffering from the heat. Do they monitor the blood-oxygen saturation with a pulse oximeter? If so, what are those numbers?

Oxygen in liquids is pushed out of saturation by heat. Our bodies are 60% water and if overheated, it’s a fact that oxygen is reduced. The theory that heat-related illness is due more to oxygen deficit than dehydration could be life-saving, if proven to be accurate.

Does Tom Brady Drink Oxygen-Infused Water?

We know that his workout regimen is killer, but effective. We know that his diet is maniacly controlled. And lately we’ve learned that he drinks a LOT of water – enough to cause serious health problems in lesser people.

But, what if Tom Brady drinks OXYGEN INFUSED water? Like the Williams sisters did. “It’s the water my daughters, Serena and Venus, rely on during their training,” Richard Williams said. “`It offers them the oxygen they need while on the court …”

What if Tom Brady’s phenominal athletic success, and Venus’ and Serena’s, is , partially at least, the result of supplemental oxygen from drinking oxygen-infused water?


When I open any book about diet, wellness, autism, healthy lifestyles, aging, disease, I go to the Index and look for the word Oxygen. 9 times out of 10, the word isn’t even in there and when it does appear, the number of pages is limited to one, two or three.

A recent example is a classic running book I’ve reviewed. The Complete Book of Running, by Jim Fixx. There are 14 mentions of ‘oxygen’ in the 306-page book, but not one description of how inhaling oxygen creates energy!

Stay tuned. You will learn things no one else has ever told you. And these are life/death things. Stay tuned.

Does Vitamin E help wounds heal?

The short answer is YES, but here’s they ‘why’ of it:

In Adelle Davis’ “Let’s Get Well”, she says “When Vitamin E is generously supplied, the need for oxygen in the tissues is markedly reduced.” She provides multiple scientific resources. When a wound occurs, healing requires more oxygen than is available in the air and the result is an unsightly scar. When Vitamin E is applied, the oxygen requirement is reduced and scarring is more rapid and less unsightly.

Now, think about your organ tissue. Oxygen need for vital organ function is considerable. Vitamin E may reduce that requirement so the organ can function more efficiently.

The Big Pitcher

Steve is currently on 22 meds a day but since his double transplant surgery (heart and lungs) in 2004, he has been on many more.

I continue to tell folks having to take meds for transplant — get The Big Pitcher from Oxygen Orchard!