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Water & Energy

We believe it is important to understand how tissues of human cells use oxygen to supply the body with much-needed energy. This knowledge, coupled with how oxygen can use fluids like water as vehicles to parts of the body, is a core principle behind the ultimate function of The Big Pitcher. To grasp this, let’s start out with the topic of alkaline water and energy.

There is a fad underway in the health and wellness industry today that subverts a condition known as body pH. The human body hosts trillions of chemical reactions every second in its rivers of fluid. Chemical reactions in general, and the human body’s chemical reactions in particular, work better in an ideal pH. A pH that is too high or too low can cause inefficient reactions.

pH is typically measured by numbers: 7 is neutral, with descending numbers to 1 being acidic and ascending numbers to 14, considered base, or alkaline. It is widely accepted that a body pH of 7.4 is ideal, therefore slightly alkaline. To achieve this slight alkalinity, many people are ingesting alkaline water and other alkaline products, and are spending exorbitant sums of money on so-called alkaline water equipment. But here’s the bottom line: an acidic body pH is really due to an oxygen shortage. It can and should be adjusted, not with the unproven science of drinking alkaline water, but with drinking oxygen-rich water!

How Our Bodies Replenish Energy

Let’s talk about muscle cells for a moment to illustrate what happens when a cell has inadequate oxygen. Remember when you were a kid and the Physical Education instructor had everyone do 50-yard dashes? Running at full speed caused you to pant for breath because the muscles were being asked to propel your body forward, using a tremendous volume of oxygen. Actually, your muscles needed more oxygen than you could give them, in spite of your rapid breathing.

But your brain was screaming “RUN” and so those muscles had to RUN! Every cell in your leg muscles had to create that energy anaerobically, which literally means, without enough oxygen. The by-product of anaerobic energy production is (drumroll please) lactic acid. The soreness you felt the next day in your thighs was the inflammation caused by that lactic acid.

Now consider that each cell in your body is producing tiny amounts of lactic acid, creating acidic body pH and inflammations. If your cells are chronically without enough oxygen – and most are – your cells are busy creating energy in the less desired way: anaerobically.

Healthy Cells for a Healthy Body

This is true for every cell in your body – brain, skin, liver, kidney – all cells require food + oxygen to create the energy in the right way. We use the 50-yard dash example because most of us have had sore muscles due to exercise. But over time, if a cell has too much food or not enough oxygen, or both, it cannot produce the right kind of energy needed to perform its designed function and to detoxify itself. This is the foundation of some diseases.

Let’s look at another example of a cell’s oxygen requirements. Scientists have discovered that beta cells in the pancreas require a large volume of oxygen to perform their function: insulin secretion. Once again, the harder a cell works, the more oxygen it requires to produce its own energy from food. This is why pH is important. To achieve a healthy body pH of 7.4, do not ingest potentially dangerous high-alkaline products, but do drink oxygenated water for the precious element of life.

So, FOOD + OXYGEN = ENERGY. A simple key to weight reduction is to try to introduce the right foods to your body but remember that the oxygen part of the equation is just as important. It’s all about the energy and The Big Pitcher is the easy, safe appliance for supplemental oxygen delivered straight to your cells.