One of the benefits of The Big Pitcher is that any pathogens (viruses, bacteria, etc.) in your drinking water source are neutralized because 99.9% of pathogens cannot survive in an oxygenated environment.

So what does this do to the Covid-19 virus?

I will say here that people close to me, and perhaps even I, have chosen not to have the vaccinations/boosters. We have all been happily immune because we’ve been drinking oxygen-infused water for 20+ years.

Until… a day after a recent family reunion, I received a call from a niece. One of my cousins tested positive for Covid, just two days after we were all in his condo enjoying boiled peanuts and drunken gummy bears.

Well, I tested positive Wednesday. No symptoms. No energy loss. Nothing. In fact, I’m out of ‘quarantine’ today! And yes, I was very careful about social distancing/going out since being made aware of the contact on Monday.

The odd distribution of Covid-19 intrigues me and I remembered what I’ve said so many times: pathogens cannot survive in an oxygenated environment. See the one of many studies to support this:

. 1980 Jun;25(6):464-6.

[Effect of oxygen on the antiviral activity of human interferon in cell culture]

[Article in Russian]

L D KrivokhatskaiaIa L PovolotskiĭN Ia Spivak

• PMID: 6156641


Antiviral activity of human lymphocytic interferon under conditions of increased oxygen levels in the cell culture was studied. It was found that oxygen had a capacity for increasing the antiviral effect of human interferon in homologous cells. When 20-80% air was replaced by oxygen the interferon titers on an average amounted to 1:113.4-1:124.8 against 1:29.1 in the control. This means that the average titer of interferon in the experiments with oxygen was 4 times higher than that in the control. On the basis of these data it is recommended using interferon in the form of aerosols in conjunction with oxygen for the treatment of viral respiratory infections.

While this study obviously doesn’t include oxygen we ingest when drinking oxygen-infused water, it certainly does point to the benefits of oxygen. Even drinking oxygen-infused water will deliver that oxygen to every cell in the body, including homologous cells.

So, in conclusion, yes, oxygen does help fend off viruses, like Covid-19. Be careful out there! And drink your oxygen water!

And let me know your thoughts: