Oxygen Orchard, Inc. is a very small company, now based in Wharton, Texas, a suburb of Houston. Over the last two decades, my husband, Lee, and I have had ups and downs, lurches and hurls. We came into this business of manufacturing almost by accident because when we wanted to find an existing product already in the marketplace to infuse oxygen into our drinking water, we found nothing.

So for the next four years, while still managing our other companies, we figured it out, with a lot of help. A tribute to Web Byford, here, a NASA engineer who worked with Lee to design The Big Pitcher. Web passed away soon after their work was completed but we owe a lot to him and his memory.

During the early 2000s, there were no plastics companies in the US who could make our custom parts, so out of necessity, we had to look to China. That worked out for 13 years but the era of the “Cracking Pitchers” almost killed us. Calls from customers started in 2017 and, to honor our warranty, we replaced every single cracking Pitcher at no expense to the customers. No one was angry, they just wanted the unit to work. Drinking oxygen-infused water really does make a difference in how one feels. And so much more, but that’s for other of my blogs.

Our product was born during the first year of the 21st century. We never dreamed we’d be doing this for 23 years but here we are. In my research, I have learned much more than when we started. I’ve been utterly amazed to learn how important oxygen is for health and healing. So for us, we’re blessed beyond measure, even during the difficult times.

And our name? For three years, we leased space in a century-old school building in … Orchard, Texas. The folks of Orchard were so kind to us as a fledgling business, we are honored to carry their name.