You Read It Here First

You really did read it here first:

Today, July 10, 2022, I ran across an interview with Kelly Victory, MD from February 2, 2022. In that interview, she said that there are two separate reports that indicate a ‘dramatic increase’ in disease and death, just in the year 2021.

One report is from the life insurance industry and the other is from a military database, using their clinical diagnosis codes (ICD codes).

A 40% increase in deaths in the 18-49 age group and among other increases in disease, the military study showed a 300% increase in cancer diagnoses.

Note that these are not ALL directly related to COVID, but the scientists/researchers involved do not have an answer to why this is occurring.

I wrote the following for my blog, found at our website,

By Teri Mathis
November 28, 2021

I predict that we will see a spike in cancer cases within the next five years. I base this prediction on one thing that should be common sense, even common knowledge, but regrettably, it is not.

A couple of years ago, I coined a new term for the study of oxygen: OXYOLOGY. Amazingly, the most important element that supports life suffers from a lack of knowledge.

Nick Lane, in his book, Oxygen, the Molecule that made the World, aptly describes the state of scientific research. He says that ‘specialists’ dominate research, laser-focused on their chosen field and often leaving the ‘big picture’ to others, like me.

Wearing a mask will have intermediate- and long-term effects on public health. It is proven that wearing a mask decreases the supply of air for breathing – air that contains almost 21% oxygen – the O 2 molecule that gives us life and health.

Every cell requires oxygen for efficient metabolism of nutrients. The energy that is produced from the combustion of those nutrients is used to support that cell’s immune function. A cell’s immune function is critical to maintaining cellular immunity to the myriad toxins and disease-causing germs that attack us constantly.

So, if a person is at risk for cancer and that person has worn a mask since early 2020, that person is now at even greater risk, having reduced the immune function of his/her cells.