I’ve mentioned here the need for every cell in your body to create its own energy. Remember:

Food + Oxygen = ENERGY

I’ve also mentioned that the world is obsessed with the Food component – diets, diet books, diet tips, diet foods, diet everything! But the Oxygen component, not so much.

We’re here to help! Drinking oxygen-infused water from The Big Pitcher (we’re thinking of changing that name soon, so stay tuned!) is first of all, SAFE, because our process is all natural. But second, the oxygen really does make its way into your cells.

Cells create energy for these reasons: 1) to perform its designed function, i.e. brain, liver, skin, etc.; 2. To replicate itself when needed; 3. To detoxify itself; 4) To maintain its immune function; and 5) To maintain its natural life span.

That #5 is important. Your cells’ health will determine your meta-health. Happier cells mean a healthier you.

Teri Mathis