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    Blog Posts

    Blood Alcohol

    November 7th, 2023
    Blood alcohol is the alcohol that has not been metabolized by the stomach, pancreas and liver and which makes it to the bloodstream. When a driver is pulled over, his or her breathalyzer result will give the officer an indication of how much alcohol…

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    March 11th, 2023
    It’s been a minute since I was here – quite a lot happening in Big Pitcher world. But I watched a rather lengthy video and would like to share: Dr. John Campbell has been instrumental in presenting…

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    July 27th, 2022
    Twenty two years ago, when I began to research the physiological role of oxygen in the body, absorbed from oxygen-saturated drinking water, I coined the term “Chronic Oxygen Debt Syndrome”. The term, I thought, encapsulated the concept of an…

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    I ran across a very interesting study undertaken by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, also in San Francisco. “The experiments involved restricting water in test mice and using…

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    You Read It Here First

    July 11th, 2022
    You really did read it here first: Today, July 10, 2022, I ran across an interview with Kelly Victory, MD from February 2, 2022. In that interview, she said that there are two separate reports that indicate a ‘dramatic increase’ in disease…

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    June 24th, 2022
    One of the benefits of The Big Pitcher is that any pathogens (viruses, bacteria, etc.) in your drinking water source are neutralized because 99.9% of pathogens cannot survive in an oxygenated environment. So what does this do to the Covid-19…

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    May 27th, 2022
    I’ve mentioned here the need for every cell in your body to create its own energy. Remember: Food + Oxygen = ENERGY I’ve also mentioned that the world is obsessed with the Food component – diets, diet books, diet tips, diet foods, diet…

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    Fantastic Voyage

    February 3rd, 2022
    I KNOW. I’VE NEGLECTED MY BLOG DUTIES. I have no excuse really, other than VID-19 malaise. But I’m back and excited about adding to the archive here with this gem: Do you remember a cult-ish movie made in 1966 called Fantastic Voyage? It…

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    September 29th, 2021
    Ancient legends abound about the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus with a correlation to our own Rip Van Winkle, who slept for only 20 years. An intricate and interesting account can be found in Wikipedia of the Seven who slept in a cave for, depending on…

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    The South Lake Tahoe wildfire and The Big Pitcher

    September 3rd, 2021
    I called a dear customer who lives in South Lake Tahoe today. Worried about him and the evacuations we’d heard about, we wanted to reach out to him to make sure he was OK. Sure enough, he was on his way to stay with a friend in Carson City. He…

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