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    Why To Not Enter Eating Contests

    August 15th, 2019
    A 41 year old man died after winning a taco-eating contest in Fresno, California. He had a strategy, but the Jumbotron screen went dark, as Dana Andrew Hutchings began to choke. Emergency medical personnel attempted to clear his airways, but Mr….

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    SUNSCREEN: More Harm than Good?

    May 10th, 2019
    Today, FDA researchers released results from a small clinical study which is also being published in JAMA. Suncreens not only have never been tested by the FDA but this small study proves that chemicals DO seep into the blood stream. Are these…

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    Jack Dorsey’s smart habits

    April 18th, 2019
    “Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey discussed his lifestyle habits in a recent podcast interview, in which the billionaire divulged subjecting himself to starting every morning with an ice bath, eating one meal per day, and fasting on weekends.” This…

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    Oxyology: the study of oxygen

    January 15th, 2019
    I’ve been studying oxygen for over 30 years and recently wondered what that study is called. Wikipedia offers an extensive list of –ology words. There you can find hundreds upon hundreds of them, from the study of cactus prickles to the study of…

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    Beware of Long-Term Aspirin Use

    December 17th, 2018
    A total of 19,114 persons with a median age of 74 years were enrolled in a study, reported in the September 16, 2018 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. 9525 were randomly assigned to receive aspirin and 9589 to receive placebo. The…

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    Simple Yet Complicated

    October 15th, 2018
    Oxygen Orchard’s premier product, for now at least, is The Big Pitcher. Born when it was discovered that the well water used by the inventors had zero dissolved oxygen, it has become iconic in health circles. The Big Pitcher pushes the air we…

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    The One Diet Book that “Gets It”

    August 16th, 2018
    Why Calories Count, written by Marion Nestle and Malden Nesheim, is one you should have on your bookshelf. Whether you are concerned about your own health or the global epidemic of obesity, this sciency book is a meaty one to own and to…

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    The Abject Failure of Diet Books

    July 30th, 2018
    I recently visited our local library to review indices of diet books. I was looking for the word “oxygen” in each index. During my years of oxygen research, the concept I see again and again is “FOOD + OXYGEN = ENERGY”. What this means…

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