A Very Welcome Phone Call

Husband/business partner and I love to answer Customer Service calls that come to Oxygen Orchard, Inc. We feel it’s a way to stay in touch with our customers, to learn from them and to have their questions or concerns dealt with by us, who are truly passionate about our product, The Big Pitcher. I hope we always can do that, no matter how large we become.

Yesterday, a gentleman named Rodney called. He had just purchased The Big Pitcher and was having a problem. The good news is that since we now make our custom parts in Texas, we have been problem free for many months now. The bad news is, for Rodney, that there was a problem (easily fixed, I might add).

But here’s the amazing thing about Rodney. Our first big break was being featured in SkyMall Magazine for five years, beginning in 2008. He was flying from Fort Hood to Iraq and saw The Big Pitcher. And he bought one.

He used it as long as he was in Iraq, claiming that The Big Pitcher really, REALLY helped give his water better taste. Time passed, things happened, and he lost TBP in a divorce. But yesterday, he and we are reconnected and it made my day/week and maybe month!

And thank you for your service, Rodney!