Simple Yet Complicated

Oxygen Orchard’s premier product, for now at least, is The Big Pitcher. Born when it was discovered that the well water used by the inventors had zero dissolved oxygen, it has become iconic in health circles.

The Big Pitcher pushes the air we breathe, which is about 21% oxygen through the water column in the Pitcher. As the bubbles rise, they release O2 into the water and the oxygen becomes part of the water itself.

If you Google ‘gases dissolving into liquids’, you’ll find plenty of references to laws of physics that govern this phenomenon. Lee and Teri Mathis decided to use the science for improving oxygen balance in the body.

They were their own guinea pigs, drinking the water for a couple of years before they exploded onto the health product scene in 2003! They began to notice more energy and fewer colds. They noticed that their pets were experiencing healthier , longer lives. They noticed that they drank far more water than ever before and that the water tasted really refreshing.

This simple, safe way to get more oxygen is changing peoples’ lives in very complicated ways. Let it change yours.