Moving and Covid Immunity

I have been gone for a while because we sold our house and moved both our residence and our business (still in Rosenberg, Texas) but wow – it kept us busy for a minute!

Have not stopped the tantalizing oxygen research I write about – in fact, I’ve been doing more if that’s possible, in between running our business, Oxygen Orchard, Inc.

Re the business: some very exciting things happening – I’ll recap those at some point but for now a word about oxygen-infused water and COVID.

One of our close associates, an attractive single lady who’s been drinking oxygen-infused water from The Big Pitcher for over six months had a date and ended the evening with kissing. Next day, he was symptomatic and tested positive for COVID. She, of course, immediately was tested (negative) and quarantined herself. A second test showed negative.

She totally credits the water with her immune strength. And she should. Remember, one of the things a cell must do is to sustain its own immune function and it does so when there’s enough oxygen to metabolize foods/nutrients efficiently.