Jack Dorsey’s smart habits

“Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey discussed his lifestyle habits in a recent podcast interview, in which the billionaire divulged subjecting himself to starting every morning with an ice bath, eating one meal per day, and fasting on weekends.”

This may seem extremely odd, and most comments I’ve read reflect the opinion that well, Jack Dorsey may be a little off in the head to subject himself to such self-flagellation.

But wait. The results he describes are exactly what happens when the human body is A) cool vs hot, and B) relieved of the organic burden of too much food.

The amount of available oxygen in the body is limited, and it behaves very specifically. It prefers cool, or even cold, to warm or hot. And, SURPRISE!, We can all survive quite nicely eating one meal per day.

So, more oxygen does the work to make our brains sharper and our organs perform better and longer.

Make no mistake — we’re not advising anyone to do this, exactly. When he tires of this routine, Mr. Dorsey can go soak in the hot springs on Deception Island or partake of rich meals on his yacht in the Greek Isles. But something to think about in our own lifestyle choices.