Our Story

The focus from purified to oxygenated drinking water began its shift as the 21st century dawned. In early 2000, Teri Mathis measured her family’s drinking water to see how much dissolved oxygen might be there. Teri owned an environmental remediation company and was knowledgeable about water chemistry, so she was curious when the meter showed “zero” and wondered whether drinking water with no dissolved oxygen would be unhealthy.

Teri and her husband Lee resolved to find a product to safely oxygenate their drinking water – there was none yet – or to plunge into the vast unknown of designing and actually manufacturing a home appliance that would do the job.

Novel Idea to Expanding Company

Thestory_1 hallmark product, The Big Pitcher, is made by Oxygen Orchard, Inc. (an SBA Woman-Owned Small Business) in the USA. The Big Pitcher carries a three-year factory warranty, is simple to set up and to operate and uses about the same electricity as a night-light – approximately less than $20 per year. Using tap water and a dissolved oxygen meter, an outside laboratory analysis determined that it takes about 20 minutes to fully oxygenate water in The Big Pitcher.

Where do we get our name? As the idea of drinking oxygen-rich water was becoming part of the health and wellness culture, the growing company needed more space. They found room for expansion in a century-old schoolhouse converted to commercial space in Orchard, Texas. Years later, Oxygen Orchard moved from Orchard but the charm and support of the community live on in the company’s name.

Leading the Way for Your Health and Knowledge

Teri’s research is groundbreaking. While there was not much previously written about the effects of drinking water with little to no dissolved oxygen when they started, she has gathered an enormous volume of material about water quality. Teri is the author of The Miracle of Oxygen, Volume 1, due to be published by Vendale Publishing in 2017.

We welcome you to explore Oxygen Orchard’s site and see for yourself the amazing benefits of healthy hydration with oxygen-rich water. We look forward to assisting you in your quest to supplement your weight reduction or anti-aging efforts with a simple product that promotes cellular health and physical wellness.

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Still, it’s too easy to criticize shortsightedness. Radar was a new invention. And an invention is alien, or it wouldn’t be an invention. We have to be introduced to it — gradually brought to understand what it can do. Unless it appears just when we’re ready for it, it must be championed. The great inventions that’ve revolutionized the world were usually unrecognized in their first incarnations. The light bulb, the steamboat, and the telegraph had all been invented long before Edison, Fulton, and Morse came on the scene to show us their full potential.

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