Frequently Asked Questions

Oxygen faq_1Orchard is happy to be as transparent and crystal clear as the oxygenated water we promote, which is why we invite you to read through some of our most frequently asked questions and their answers. We are excited to spread the word about the benefits of The Big Pitcher and how quality oxygen-rich water supplements your journey to improved wellness.

“What is The Big Pitcher?”


“Why should I drink water with oxygen?”


“I use a filtration unit for my drinking water at home. What does your product remove that isn’t already removed with the filter?”


“What’s wrong with just drinking tap water, since it’s already pretty inexpensive?”


“Does The Big Pitcher purify water?”


“My doctor said the GI tract does not absorb oxygen from water and that drinking oxygen-rich water is a waste of time and money. Why would he say this?”


“I’ve read about super-charged oxygen drinks for athletes and bodybuilders in the fitness mags. Are athletes the ones who would benefit the most by drinking your oxygenated water?”


“What kind of maintenance does The Big Pitcher require and how often?”


“How does the water taste after it’s been in The Big Pitcher for a couple of days?”


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