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The Abject Failure of Diet Books

I recently visited our local library to review indices of diet books. I was looking for the word “oxygen” in each index.

During my years of oxygen research, the concept I see again and again is “FOOD + OXYGEN = ENERGY”.

What this means is that the FOOD we ingest is converted into fuel for our cells. If there is too much fuel, we gain weight. So, how can we be sure to utilize more fuel to achieve more energy and NOT have that excess fuel be stored as fat?

Look at the equation again – notice OXYGEN is as important as FOOD. Doesn’t it make sense that if you introduce more oxygen to your cells, then more fuel will be burned for more energy?

I only had time to review 81 diet books, and only ONE mentioned the word “oxygen”. I’ll review that book in another blog – it is an EXCELLENT resource for dieters or just those who wish to eat healthy. If you know WHY you should make certain choices, losing or maintaining weight will be much easier and WAY more successful!

The Big Pitcher abides!

Oxygen and Heat-Related Illness

Heat-related illness and deaths remain a hot-weather tragedy. The newly-named organization, Oxygen Research Institute (ORI), will begin a data mining task that might prove helpful.

First responders and EMTs are often the initial contact with those suffering from the heat. Do they monitor the blood-oxygen saturation with a pulse oximeter? If so, what are those numbers?

Oxygen in liquids is pushed out of saturation by heat. Our bodies are 60% water and if overheated, it’s a fact that oxygen is reduced. The theory that heat-related illness is due more to oxygen deficit than dehydration could be life-saving, if proven to be accurate.