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Vitamin Overdose

“Evidence shows that people who take more dietary supplements than needed tend to have a higher risk of developing cancer.”

A report from the UK today indicates that taking too many vitamin supplements leads to higher rates of lung cancer and other diseases  The findings will be presented at a US cancer symposium later this year.

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In this blog, you’ll be seeing more examples of how this formula works (and more often, doesn’t work)

Nutrients + Oxygen = Energy

where, “Nutrients” is everything that enters the body, i.e. food, drink, air pollution and even stress-caused hormones.

Oxygen is required to efficiently metabolize all these organics.  When oxygen in the cell is inadequate for the job, the cell becomes unhealthy.  Too much of a good thing — too many vitamins and supplements – -can cause serious effects.  Remember: It’s all about the oxygen!


By popular demand, our blog is back!  So many of our customers and fans have learned the important concept of oxygen balance for health and wellness and this blog will be a platform for sharing the many facts we have discovered in our 15-year research journey.

We’ll also talk about our business, Oxygen Orchard, Inc., and its amazing past, present and future.  We’ll share new and interesting questions and comments from our growing base and even some insight into how Oxygen Orchard ticks.  Plus at least one major announcement on the near horizon that is so huge, so astoundingly wonderful for so many people — I can hardly wait, but wait I must.  We’ll make the announcement on July 4th, right here on the Oxygen Orchard blog!

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