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About Us

About Us

Teri Mathis,
President, Oxygen Orchard, Inc. and Co-inventor of The Big Pitcher

Teri Mathis was born in south Georgia and moved with her family from Georgia to Michigan to Alabama to Texas, as her civil engineer father completed construction of megawatt power plants.

Her roots in Texas have spread since her arrival as she began her first career in the financial industry, with Merrill Lynch in the newly built Houston Galleria. After fifteen years, most of it with PaineWebber as a stockbroker, she found that she had a special affinity for microbiology and chemistry, as she worked in a totally different type of industry for the next seventeen years – bioremediation of industrial wastewater.

From the mid 1980s, Teri immersed herself in study, in business development and in actual in-the-field treatment of contaminated waste water from petroleum hydrocarbon process plants along the Texas Gulf Coast and in Venezuela. Her company served clients such as Occidental Chemical, Lyondell Petrochemical and Dixie Chemical.

During early 2000, Teri Mathis decided to try to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water per day, so she tested her well water with a YSI-55 Dissolved Oxygen Meter – a tool she often used in her environmental bioremediation business.

Knowing water is capable of certain levels of oxygen saturation, when she found there was no oxygen in the water she began the quest for an answer: Is oxygen an important, but overlooked, factor in drinking water quality?

The journey began with an on-line search, and trips to the Houston Public Library and the Rice University Library. Finding no definitive answer, she became an avid researcher on the subject of oxygen and Chronic Oxygen Debt Syndrome, a term she coined.

Publishing her new book in summer, 2010, Teri is eager to bring the fruits of her research to the health-conscious public and perhaps to traditional medicine. Using such diverse references as Hippocrates, Adele Davis, biology, chemistry and microbiology textbooks and everything in between, she shines a light on an often-misunderstood theory: the benefits of drinking oxygenated water.

It’s misunderstood because oxygen saturated into water is no longer in gaseous form, but becomes one of the physical properties of the water itself, useful in the energy-producing mitochondria of every cell.

Teri eschews pseudo-science and unless her theories can be supported by the scientific work of others, it does not appear in her book.

Teri and her husband received a US Patent which protects the technology embodied in The Big Pitcher. They reside in Fort Bend County, Texas where they manufacture The Big Pitcher, the first of many alternative oxygen therapy products they plan to bring to the marketplace, through their company, Oxygen Orchard, Inc.