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Benefits Of Drinking Oxygen Rich Water

Reasons to Hydrate

from the Drinking Water Research Foundation

Reasons to Hydrate

» Moistens tissue such as those in the mouth, eyes and nose

» Regulates body temperature

» Protects body organs and tissues

» Helps prevent constipation

» Lessens the burden on the kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products

» Helps dissolve minerals and other nutrients to make them accessible to the body

» Carries nutrients and oxygen to every cell.

source: Mayo Clinic

America's #1 Water Oxygenator

the Big Pitcher

Millions are turning toward Alternative Oxygen Therapies for prevention and wellness.

Our pioneer products is attractive, durable and will provide oxygen-rich drinking water for years. Protected by US patent number 6,712,341, The Big Pitcher provides an energy-efficient, steady supply of water that is 99% saturated with dissolved oxygen, the maximum natural saturation.

Our products dissolves oxygen into your drinking water. Oxygen is now no longer a gas, but becomes a property of the water itself. The chemical property of water, of course, is H2O, but oxygen content is a physical property of water, just as pH, temperature and purity are.”

Left Right
The Big Pitcher freshens your water for exquisite taste.
Oxygen-rich water is absorbed immediately by soft tissue in the mouth and esophagus.
Extra oxygen helps keep red blood cells healthy
Oxygen-rich water washes every cell with healing, cleansing oxygen
Extra oxygen helps cells produce more energy.
A healthy oxygen balance insures rapid immune system response.
A healthy oxygen balance keeps the body’s pH at the healthy level of about 7.4, since cellular energy is being created in an aerobic environment.

Besides the benefits of having more oxygen in your drinking water, purification also occurs as fine bubbles remove particulates (organic and inorganic), physically “scrubbing” them out of solution, as well as oxidizing to some extent.

In addition, as the fine bubbles rise to the surface, they push gases such as chlorine from the water. This process is known as “air sparging”.

And finally, an aerobic, or oxygenated, environment discourages and neutralizes the growth of pathogens in water, which are generally anaerobic. Bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic organisms will not flourish in an oxygenated environment.

Lab results show that water is fully oxygenated within about twenty minutes and that the oxygen will remain in water for more than three hours at normal room temperatures.

Download Report on Benefits of Long-Term Ingestion of Oxygen-Enriched Water

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Our products saturates your drinking water with more oxygen in less than 15 minutes and can run continually to provide you and your family healthy oxygenated water for pennies a day! Oxygenating water technology goes beyond filtration technology. This is the most convenient way to great tasting water and all for under $10 per year in energy costs.

Particulates and gases are removed and pathogens are neutralized.

Our products provide an energy-efficient, steady supply of water saturated with dissolved oxygen at 11-15 milligrams per liter (11-15 parts per million, or ppm), the maximum natural saturation. Protected by US patent number 6,712,341

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